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SmartBCH is an upcoming EVM-compatible sidechain on Bitcoin Cash as described in its whitepaper.

SmartBCH Testnet is available. The mainnet release is planned for May/June 2021.

It will use Bitcoin Cash as the native token. At first it will use federated two-way pegged gateway to move Bitcoin Cash to the SmartBCH sidechain. This means that in order to get your Bitcoin Cash to SmartBCH you will need to send it to a multisig address and you will be issued SmartBCH native token, the same process will work in reverse (burn SmartBCH token, get BCH back to the Bitcoin Cash network). Later this will be changed to "non-custodial trustless gateway". [1]

SmartBCH aims to produce blocks every 6 seconds and will use Tendermint algorithm to make sure that blocks are always final. (You don't need to wait for 6+ confirmations)

Validators on SmartBCH (who are similar to miners on BCH) will be selected based on Bitcoin Cash mining process. Anyone who mined a block on Bitcoin Cash network will be eligible to become or select a validator on smartBCH sidechain.

SmartBCH plans to raise the gas limit to 1 billion. Ethereum gas limit is currently 15,000,000 (which is 66 times lower than what is planned for SmartBCH). Gas limit in smartBCH is similar to block size on Bitcoin Cash.

It is developed by Kui Wang and a small team of developers (Xiuhong Zhang, Haoran Liu).

It was funded by a successful Flipstarter raising 1000 BCH on Mar 19, 2021. [2]

SmartBCH will be EVM-compatible, which means that most of Ethereum applications will work on smartBCH without modifications.

It will have a ERC-20 compatible tokens using SEP-20 Transaction fees are planned to be about $0.002 USD per SEP-20 (ERC-20) token transfer and even less for native token transfers.

SmartBCH will give 50% of transaction fees to validators and 50% will be burned.

Might SmartBCH burning BCH have long term unintended consequences? Can those consequences be mitigated, if yes? "[...] half of the collected gas fees will be rewarded to the validators and the other half will be burned. In this sense, BCH will become a deflationary currency."